Week of July 9, 2008

You are returning from a long but necessary journey. Though you are weary, you are wiser.  Though you have scars, you are stronger.  Regardless of such pain, your homecoming is made of joy.  Returning steadies your soul and cools your fires.  Nonetheless, serenity is different from the wandering frenzy you've been frequenting.  .. but it's also more constant.  At "home", the dancing is less likely to be interrupted.

Aries of the Week******Nickelodeon

Consider every situation to be the challenge you once made a deal with, some certain time ago.  It's been too long since you last made some of their acquaintance so you may not recognize your old friends at first.  Continue to prod and pry, remaining curious and observant.  Engage especially in those situations which make you squirm and squiggle.  Consider such provocation a blessing right now, prompting you to learn how firm or flexible you should be and when...

Taurus of the Week******Fred Astaire

All the answers are contained within. The questions you ask yourself are the ones you constantly pose to others. The amount of love and respect you show yourself is as much as you will be in a position to offer. As dedicated as you are to your own being is as committed as you may act towards another. As much faith as you feed your own dreams is what you will be able to outwardly communicate. As pretty as you believe you are is as much as you may take notice of the beauty that surrounds you..

Gemini of the Week******Star Wars

Imagine that all potential "lovers" are disguised this week, in whatever form you would personally least recognize them in. So be aware and extra hospitable, crabs. Your brother, uncle, mother, cousin, lover, or best friend may lay innocently behind the veil. Act as if they do, just in case. At the very least you'll be reminded of what your unique lovin can do...

Cancer of the Week******Rob Breszny

As much as you've roared in the past and as wide as you've opened your jaws before, no one has any idea of what kind of fire-breathing you're about to do. That's because it's traveling from your most sensitive, primal, controversial depths! Meet each situation with as little expectation as possible. Then you may have direct contact/access to your most natural (volcanic )response.

Leo of the Week******INXS

A great part of your personal mystery is about to be revealed. LET IT HAPPEN. Sharing this part of you is potent, and also necessary to partnership, healing, and inner peace. Whereas before certain dimensions of you were an untranslatable language, the world can now become literate in the brightest and most authentic aspects of your simple but vast soul. Anyone would greatly benefit from knowing the wisest, most genuinely loving part of your being. Lo, and behold!

Virgo of the Week******Leonard Bernstein

Don't let the rules get you down! Hop around them! On one leg if you must! The spirit cannot be chained. Cling to that notion and follow it's footsteps to safety wherever there may be. When you get there, indoors or out, continue to pursue flight. The physical is only a technicality, Once you surrender to the fact of its existence, it ceases to take away any "rights"

Libra of the Week******Omara Portuondo

Despite the fact that I greatly enjoyed the movie "3:10 to Yuma", I was also perplexed by the pomp and circumstance. In the end, all was love, but due to the presence of guns, posses, feuds, and pride, mostly everyone had to die instead. I suggest you don't fall for such tricks this week. You are smarter than any force which makes an effort to lead you away from your pure bliss. You are sassy enough, stubborn enough, passionate enough, graceful enough to stay poised in a refusal to betray your heart.

Scorpio of the Week******Nadia Comeneci

To preserve your design, wait until all powerful feelings are integrated. Until you've had the proper time and space to digest your reactions to upcoming events, sit back. Make no decisions/plans until after you've absorbed all new information, medicine, events, etc. Stability is required for proper perspective. Calm is pertinent to moving in the best direction from here.

Sagitarius of the Week******Anna Chlumsky

Hold it! You need a break, a vacation, a reprieve, time away from all projects. The space you take will be the source of your joy and healing. Create time to do nothing. Be still to receive gifts. Then: return to the group energized and more devoted than ever. Once you are properly replenished, feel once again that you have *plenty* to offer.

Capricorn of the Week******Aaliyah

All the hard work is about to pay off. You are returning to the center of yourself, more fabulous than ever and funkier than before. There is a new type of magic being born of all your struggle,discipline, genius and accuracy. It is therefore a sparkling truth which your (large) audience gathers to watch in action.

Aquarius of the Week******Christian Bale

Strive for the widest perspective. To do so requires a surrender of certain concepts, such as right/wrong, bad/good, backward/forward. Start with these premises: I can learn from everything I see, freeing me to have any experience I desire. I can discover the power of one-ness in devoting myself to it. I may rise from all stormy weather in my submission to the raw unknown.

Pisces of the Week******The Rocky Horror Show