Week of July 3, 2008

You are nearly jumping out o your skin for the chance to do what you came here for.  But full preparation is in the interest of that goal.  In the interim:  feed your spirit with whatever it requires for balance.  Store up on sources which are in need of replenishment and make all final editions.  Pay close attention to those experiences that occur closest to your departure. In this threshold, there is pure awareness.

Aries of the Week******Marc Jacobs

Everyone knows you're a "deeper shade of soul" but only they don't know HOW much deeper, i.e. the way your earthly presence can level a room.  That's typically exactly just the type of entrance that an environment really needs before it can thrive.  On such steady ground, we country folk ( friends, students, butterflies, and wild boars) are much freer to "be".

Taurus of the Week******"Annie"

Even you couldn't predict the end to this chapter, twins.  The thrill is worth the suspense though.   And it's such a relief in the mean-time!  All you're left to do is be your sassy self, face the rowdy moment, interact clownishly with life, roll fiendishly around the galaxy with it...

Gemini of the Week******MC Ren

Find your way to the fire, crabs.  There you can gather motivation as well as illumination, in no certain order.  These new forms of energy could release you from your pain/past, making you feel whole again, without interruption.  With nothing blocking "connection", you'd be fully joined once more to rhythm, inner and outer.

Cancer of the Week******Nintendo

You've been working so hard that you may not have heard the latest news.  But that update fosters an awareness that will re-ignite your spirit, this time in the direction of your most specific and largest desires.  Just continue moving to the beat of your own curiosity...

Leo of the Week******M.I.A's "Kala"

Be concise.  Speak straight from your heart.  Sacrifice safety for the sake of candid truth.   The sound that creates is enough to grab everyone's full attention.  As you articulate in your naturally knowledgeable way, the listener is suspended, genuinely engaged, with-holding response until the very last word...

Virgo of the Week******Sean Connery

How does one choose?  That's a philosophical question typically left to certain fields, such as science and history.  The stars only shine.  But they're observably beautiful and pulsating with pure energy.  It's as if they are begging us to follow our hearts at all moments,  constantly declaring the obvious value of doing so...

Libra of the Week******Ani Difranco

Go ahead and accept the duality.  It's christmas time, in the SUMMER.  You're cold and sweating at the same time.  You love but hate all the same.  You are tired while awake, quiet but roaring.  Surrender to contradiction.  It facilitates the birth of what you need and can enjoy-a highly enriched understanding.

Scorpio of the Week******Maggie Gylenhaal

Life is like a personal mirror this week.  And it's every bit as hopeful as it is laborious.   Give truthful reflection a chance to reveal its potential.  After you grieve the loss of illusion,  move swiftly ahead.  In "seeing", you trade falsely binding contracts for limitless opportunity.

Sagitarius of the Week******Jimi Hendrix

I don't think you should go anywhere until you're heard out.  You've been steering the ship for many years, Captain.  You know key things by now about driving past obstacles.  You have the poise to remain as compassionate towards others as you are determined to express your point of view to them.  Sweetly but firmly-for the sake of the near future- defend your beliefs.

Capricorn of the Week******Kate Bosworth

Get lost!  Not like-get outta here, but more like- "I hope you lose your way in some wild, romantic place,  and are unable to make it back anytime soon." I pray that adventure breaks down your door, demands your attention, and seduces you into participation.  For the sake of pure health, I highly recommend the break in routine.

Aquarius of the Week******Jools Holland

Fish:  you may stay kind.  Luckily you have fins to swim right away from all the bullies of the sea.  Instead lead with your conscious heart.  Wish upon all others the goodness you dream about.  Keep humming your tune of radical togetherness.  Insist upon it's pure bliss.

Pisces of the Week******Kiki Dee