Week of June 26, 2008

There is only so much seeing you can do with your eyes. I propose you try out the use of your other senses, such as the ears or fingertips. This takes you from beyond the "view" into the realm of experience, a place where you can FEEL/be most intimate with the groove.

Aries of the Week****** Bunny Wailer

R.I.P. Here lies the past, a symbol of all the work and wishes of a time before. As I give it the proper burial, I may glimpse the new horizon, which glimmers in the distance. I am grateful for the death of the struggle, and excited for the chance at new life that it has provided. With the last of my grieving, let the peaceful celebration begin...

Taurus of the Week******George Carlin

For maximum satisfaction, the twins need to be constantly experiencing new things. Good thing life just happens to be filled with options! Use your keen and instant instinct to dictate which paths are gateways. With patience and calm, may you sniff out and eliminate all dead-ends, thereby clearing the way to your most AUTHENTIC brand of freedom.

Gemini of the Week******Gene Wilder

Every time you give someone else a second chance, you'll see the light. Any time you forgive yourSELF, you'll be endowed and possessed by the eternal flame. And each time you surrender to the rhythm of the universe, you may use this spirit to ride forth, unobstructed...

Cancer of the Week****** Venezuelan independence

Gather the full attention of your audience. Make it clear, WHO you are, WHAT you want, WHERE you're from, and HOW you prefer to live. Broadcast your style, live and direct. Be flagrant and flamboyant in your assertions, playful but as serious as a hungry lion.

Leo of the Week******Echo I-the first telecommunications satellite

Keep up the good work, Virg. Avoid temptation and continue to stay true to your ideals/virtues. This is all you need to guarantee your own fun, authority, peace. Your integrity preserves the worth of what you have to offer, secures the quality of your product, and protects the purity of the garden from which you conduct your affairs.

Virgo of the Week******Star Trek

The fates challenge you to make a decision. They are likely only attempting to point out how fit you are to choose. To remind you that you are well equipped, with a : heart, knowledge, vision and inspiration. May you gather your props and then join yourself with the forces of the universe. Together, may you unleash an awareness of all that is possible...

Libra of the Week******the Mickey Mouse Club

Letting go is a continual process. Keep that in mind in order to maintain a certain altitude of spirit. Alternate the intensity of confrontation and action taking with resting and dreaming. This gives you time to process and unload, so that you may return to your work as well as enjoy your profit. The more adventure you pursue, the more nourishment required...

Scorpio of the Week******Mozart's "Don Giovanni"

Continue to study/investigate. The answers may be found anywhere and everywhere, amidst ancient texts as well as modern, poetry as well as mathematics. Look, listen, understand. Meditation is key to gathering knowledge as much as your interactions. Learn from every experience, inner and outer, in order to transcend to new levels of lighter being.

Sagitarius of the Week******Richard Pryor

Get into the spirit of things. That will unlock your imagination, which is the sole curator of your next secret garden. Wear the costume around the house, in the office, out to dinner, etc., which best expresses the dream. Consider the symbol as the first step in your cultivation of its full existence...

Capricorn of the Week******Fantasy Island

It's not easy to be the water-bearer. Unlike other signs, there is always SOMEONE watching what you do, taking notes of your moves. You're a star no matter where you go. Your independence is what draws the crowds to you, but it's also what you may use to your advantage. Face your audience, speaking directly from your heart. Then turn swiftly on your heels, in pursuit of your dreams. Eventually their voyeurism will shift to solid support.

Aquarius of the Week******Horace Walpole, in a letter to Horace Mann, first coins the word serendipity

The more you concentrate, the more partnership available to you. Within the details, you may find your perfect match. Pray for patience this week so that you may endure the process of tedious communication. Once you get into this zone, your intentions will gain focus, providing a sweet and deep relief...

Pisces of the Week******Desi Arnaz