Week of June 19, 2008

As the sign of initiation, I thought you should be the "first" to know. This week the opportunity to break free of certain cycles has finally come. While you wait to redeem your ticket, keep things clean and open. Be honest as well as merciful. Keep your eye on the ball, regardless of the pain or pleasure. Whatever gifts you receive, may you immediately make efforts to share them.

Aries of the Week****** Vincent Gallo

Reconstruction is yours for the taking, bulls. Take advantage of the broken down areas. Use the newly empty spaces to erect your own design. May your fresh structure be a reflection of your willingness to move on, upward, and out...

Taurus of the Week******Tina Fey

To best "take the bull by the horns", utilize structure. The more order you create, the more playtime available to you. Once you've properly handled your work and leisure, the lines between the two become indistinguishable. Be concise so that the two may co-exist in harmony.

Gemini of the Week******the Smoky Mountains

Do whatever you must to stay in the moment. Take a cold shower, dance in the flames, leap from cliffs, all to remind yourself to keep up. The more present, the better. With not one step ahead or one foot behind, you may experience ecstasy.

Cancer of the Week******Sufjan Stevens

This week you'll have the chance to be the star as well as change your fortune. To increase your Karma, you will have to shine as well as serve. When the opportunity to provide certain favors comes along this week, use your fearlessness, elegance, charm, grace, and warmth to begin a new chapter.

Leo of the Week******Michael Jackson's "Off the wall"

First, get organized. Then your ideas will be more available to you. After that, be sure to test everything out in your backstage lab. The more prepared you are in your practice, the more likely you may take full advantage of your live platform when at last the curtain is drawn.

Virgo of the Week******Paulo Coehlo

You are capable of creating art out of anything! This week I challenge you to add focus and intention to those designs. Spin your creation with the power of your mighty will. It's a method of communicating clearly with and to the universe at large, so that your wishes are thoroughly known, a pre-requisite to granting them.

Libra of the Week******Sara Roosevelt

Do things just for the hell of it this week, because you feel like it, your heart tells you to, and because as you go forward to follow your own voice, you can feel things open up. As you pursue your vision, the path becomes more clear. The smoke lifts, revealing a majestic scene of beauty in its place. Obstacles turn to dust when you begin to trust!

Scorpio of the Week******the first megamouth shark is discovered in oahu, Hawaii

This week everyone is overly concerned with the economy, the war, the presidency... It could be due to the heat, the full moon, etc. Regardless of the reason, the fates insist that merely complaining about it will not alter the circumstances. I agree. Moreover, I think you're the perfect sign to tell about it. You are passionate, gutsy, and genius enough to offer new ideas, methods, and possibilities. You aren't afraid of change, victory or glory. Keep your fires properly stoked this week, as fuel for your "inventions."

Sagitarius of the Week******Christina Applegate

Befriend your power totems. Worship what serves you. Study your resources so that you may learn best how to work with them, and maximize their use. Demonstrate respect for your partnerships. Make all efforts to cultivate harmony in such relationships. Be innovative, artistic, unique, direct, and impromptu in your attempt.

Capricorn of the Week******"Live At Folsom Prison"

What you do for yourself, you do for others. And vice-versa. Spend time listening to the heart, yours and everyone else's. In this space alone, the highest calls may be heard. This week you may be called to pursue the most righteous, perhaps the most difficult course of action. Bid the ordinary goodbye. As you give in to the dream, you begin sailing swiftly towards it...

Aquarius of the Week******Lisa Marie Presley

In the end, we all return to the same sea of our shared origin. But while we are here on land, we are given the chance to display our individual colors and histories. Like a "fish out of water", we are each on parade. While on shore, express your full self and enjoy the beauty and tale of others. Listen and be heard.

Pisces of the Week******Evil Knievel sets the world record, jumping over 19 cars