Week of June 13, 2008

Lately I'm addicted to ginger-ale. Beyond all rhyme or reason, it's the only thing that seems to soothe me. It works in getting me through the smaller, more tedious moments with its refreshing flavor. I suggest you take up certain hobbies, dietary or otherwise this week, as a constant reward for your labor. The right snack/habit can take your mind off the heat, mollify your pain, cool out your soul...

Aries of the Week******Kate Hudson

The doctor prescribes "graduation" this week, specifically from any person, place or thing which no longer suits or pleases you. Let your friends, family, rivals, and fellow citizens assist you in finishing up your duties. You are hereby discharged of all former commitments you no longer wish to have, absolved from lessons you have already learned. Proceed blindly into the "unknown."

Taurus of the Week******Crispin Glover

"Polemics", defined by Oxford as the art or practice of disputation, is a good exercise for a mind as prolific, fast paced, and progressive as your own. To enable this process, consider all points of view evenly. Adamantly engage in debate. Such mind-mingling will lead you to discover exactly where you stand (for the moment).

Gemini of the Week******Universal Studios

A "parallax" is defined by Oxford as the :apparent difference in position or direction of an object caused when the observer's position is changed. Contemplate the idea this week, crabs. Assume that from an alternate location or point of view, you may alter the course of navigation, and transform your circumstance. To travel out from/beyond any situation, stay emotionally, creatively, and intellectually, flexible.

Cancer of the Week******Cameron Crowe

You're not being asked to "do anything" other than : sing at the top of your lungs, turn somersaults in the air, titillate the masses, and wrangle the herds. That's all stuff you naturally enjoy doing anyway, right? Your fun is your labor and the world's joy, lions. Play on.

Leo of the Week******Sega genesis

Most of what seems like a good reason to go into hysterics this week is fictitious. However, you may be the only one around who knows it at the time. The most you can do is keep your door open. When others come crashing in, rely on your personal religion, your knowledge of nature, and your spiritual method. Mitigate the fears/sorrows of those you love with an equal sense of justice and empathy.

Virgo of the Week******Queen elizabeth I

Stay educated. Collect all the info you can store. You'll need it some day. Even if right now is restricted to research, observation, and learning, it's still a vital part of the process of creating and living by your ideals. To make it an everyday thing, you just have to do the work that will sustain your dream...

Libra of the Week******Ed Wood

First you need a proper hug, one that wraps all the way around you. Then you'll need a bag-pipe to lay your old soul to rest. Finally, you'll need a fiddler to call your new spirit to rise. Sympathy, dying, waking. That's the complete rhythm of your path right now. Each phase has its proper place and time. Remain conscious of your inner and outer states to facilitate the process.

Scorpio of the Week******Gram Parsons

Few signs show colors as varied as your own. Within your framework, all poles are contained. You are both-madam and beast, rebel and communitarian, problem and solution. The latter metaphor is the most essential to your understanding this week. Take creative responsibility whenever you can. This will remind you to be an active cause of and for your own dream.

Sagitarius of the Week******William Blake

This week, every time you choose what is honorable, you will experience grace. Every time you pursue your greatest desire, you will experience inspiration. And, any time you dance from within, you may transform your circumstance. Live according to this simple science for an enduring, optimal state of being.

Capricorn of the Week******Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll snarl, you'll snore, and you'll scream. Just follow your rhythm, no matter how ridiculous or demanding. It's all leading to one certain place, regardless of the face it wears or the form it takes. Even if this week is a bit frenetic, you'll be brightly glowing by the end of it.

Aquarius of the Week******W. Somerset Maughm

At the mouth of the river, there's a door. Little is known about where it leads, other than this-it's a gate beyond misery, sounds of rhapsody leak from behind it, and it knows nothing of yesterday's chains. Consider this as you swim on, fishes. When you reach the great opening, think of lemonade, perfume, and art...

Pisces of the Week******the telephone