Week of June 5, 2008

Your voice came through so sweetly this week, I almost didn't recognize you! Your're just overflowing with the love these days? If thats the case, then all I need to say is let it flow on. I give you my final star blessing: May your spirit, as it bursts forth, find its happiness and joy in abundance. May you make no hesitation to share your singing soul. Let it rise.

Aries of the Week******"Sin City"

Ignore the elephant in the room if you have to. Do whatever required, in fact, for you to forgive and forget. Be willing to move forward past mistakes. You may not be able to fully erase the blunders of yourself on others, but you can definitely concentrate hard enough to outlive them, survive them into something new and redemptive.

Taurus of the Week******fur elise

Tell the whole story. Leave nothing out. Each detail is essential to TOTAL magic. So fill us in on everything- the why, how, when, where, and who. The cleaner you come, the more likely you get exactly what you want, which is perfect partnership, pure love, dreamy times.

Gemini of the Week******The first Rubiks Cube World Relationship.

This week you'll re-learn something simple- the world needs you to give your love as much as you need to do it. Open your heart, Crabs. Breathe through the initial pain. Let go. The moment of dying will pass- into a brilliant rebirth.

Cancer of the Week******Liv Tyler

Recentlly, I broke my elbow. It turned out to be a mixed blessing. As much of a nuisance as it was to have my arm in a sling, it also forced me to receive assistance, not something I am very good at remembering to do. In retrospect, the experience has been grounding, enlightening, and even if uncomfortable, it has reminded that I am fragile in my strength and subject at any moment to trip and fall into unexpected circumstances, which as long as I'm open, may turn out to work hugely in my favor.

Leo of the Week******Compact discs.

Don't forget about your secret ways. Your methods have already proven themselves. Your ability to make the strong move is dependent on yur tradition. Ironically, though, its your past you are called to lay to rest. Make peace in your own personal way. Then, with poise and certainty, proceed towards your total fulfillment.

Virgo of the Week******The MTV music awards.

Muscle is all thats required. You've got all the material you need, all the knowledge, and certainly the know-how. To do your thing, you'll just need an abundance of strength, To penetrate the obstacles as well as endure the time it may take to complete your task, you'll need to stay mentally, emotionally, and creatively in shape. The more fit you remain, the breezier it'll be.

Libra of the Week******NOMI

Writing is one of my ways of outletting my thoughts. By singing and sometimes dancing, I am cleansed of my pain, and have a way to express my joy. What do you do, Scorp, to release all the emotion you store? I predict you'll need to employ these exercises with more vigor and disipline than average. In this way, you may transform all dark into light.

Scorpio of the Week******Dylan Thomas

Hint: gather the clues first. Before you make any permanent assessment, spend enough time observing, and making the right connections. Only once a certain part of the picture has become more clear, do I advise forming an opinion or taking a side. Until then, play in the field, interact with the parts, take a step back to "see".

Sagitarius of the Week******Thriller

Take nothing with you please. Where we are going, you won't need a thing. Take advantage of an opportunity to clean the slate whenever possible this week. Specifically, let go of your own rules or anyone else's. Let the walls come tumbling down.

Capricorn of the Week******Crazy horse's last battle

What goes around comes around. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Etc. Etc. With that in mind, may you think, exist and act in a way that is constantly reflecting your ideal. Offer to others the dream you wish to have. That way, its more likely to come true!

Aquarius of the Week******Ashton Kutcher

Once, me and Lila sent a magic package to a boy I didn't know. Inside was a tarot card, a feather, and a wax candle containing a bee carcus. It was not our intention to freak him out. Needless to say, he was frightened and angry beyond belief. Looking back now, I realize the humor of such mis-communication. All I meant to do was make an artistic connection. For many reasons, it wasn't received this way. This story is in no way meant to scare you fish, but rather to encourage you to express your dream and your love, regardless of how it is received.

Pisces of the Week******Norma Jean changes her name to Marilyn Monroe