Week of May 30, 2008

If at first you don't succeed (in directly confronting/communicating yourself) try, try agian. Be patient as well as relentless in your attempt to unleash the spirit. Certain moments this week will require swiftness while others will demand that you step back and WAIT. Abide by your intuition for the right timing.

Aries of the Week******Crossword puzzle book

If there were ever a time to let your guard down, it would be now. Open up completely so that maximum opportunity is most accessible. Also: letting go of your boundaries gives you the chance to create new, more up to date ones.

Taurus of the Week******The first wagon train.

Make a truce. Pledge your allegiance to your goals. Swear to honor your promise through your actions. If you haven't discovered your true intentions yet, keep listening! The universe speaks loud and clear. Bow your head in reverence.

Gemini of the Week******Johnny Depp

Let the sun shine in, Cancer. Wherever you find your happiness, bathe in it. Be a slave to your ecstasy, so that you may drink of it freely. Serve your heart and bliss remains constant.

Cancer of the Week******Cat Stevens

NOW is the right time to unleash your power, cats. Specifically, let no amount of bias, pride, or prejudice stand in the way of your total acceptance. As you throw your arms around the world, the truth is revealed, transforming all bitterness, renewing all life-forms.

Leo of the Week******The Mayan Calendar.

My advice, as the pieces come together, is to move on what you know and understand. Seize the chance to act upon your wisdom whenever possible this week, Set aside the proper time for learning, preaching, teaching, and exploring. Study and apply. Observe and act.

Virgo of the Week******Neko Case

Self reflection can feel as mauch like a punishment as it does a reward. Whether looking in the mirror is painful or pleasant this week, set aside your fears, certain that the knowledge of self is ultimately empowering. The sharper the image, the better.

Libra of the Week******The first talking movie: The Jazz Singer.

You're about to cross over. As you stand upon the precipice, gather your resources. I suggest that you take with you only what you'll need: a sense of adventure, a spirit of unpredictablity, a willingness to try new things, a belief in yourself and what you are capable of, a flexible but focused mindset, intent upon moving on.

Scorpio of the Week******LSD

PAUSE> You've done all you can personally do. The remainder of the work is completed by establishing partnership, specifically with others of similar eagerness, but distinct capabilities. This week, be willing to sacrifice anything less than ideal for the fullest experience.

Sagitarius of the Week******YMCA

Continue making the choices that favor growth. Maintain your own personal set of values for best results. Remain confident that the righteous act will deliver joy to you and all those you love. Keep leading us with your decision-making goats. Take us to higher grounds.

Capricorn of the Week******Masterpiece Theater.

The most you can do is "stick to your guns.' By that I mean, cling to your vision. Be un-concerned with the consequence of revealing your truth. That attitude allows your fresh approach to take form, shine, breathe, survive, conquer, prevail...

Aquarius of the Week******Melissa Manchester

"I am yours now and you are mine and together we love through all space and time so don't cry..." Those are magic words/lyrics from one of my favorite childhood performers, PRINCE. Use it as your mantra this week, fish. Be a reflection of eternal love and friendship whenever you get the chance. Share your secret with the wide world of- the indestructable BOND.

Pisces of the Week******"The Scarlet Letter."