Week of May 24, 2008

In the midst of total chaos, there is peace. There in the rubble of battle, a secret and powerful treasure awaits. Can you locate it's glowing orb? Use your heart ONLY for this one. It has x-ray ability and a keen sense of smell. Aries of the week: The first elephant arrives in the USA from India

Aries of the Week******The first elephant arrives in the USA from India

Trust that even if things do not go according to plan (and they won't), everything will work out. This week, just embrace the wild light. Swallow it whole. It will release your spirit, incite your movement, free your speech.

Taurus of the Week******Thomas Pyncha

Serve the least among you FIRST. Thats how you can get back in touch with the land and your own heart. Go to those creatures with the smallest voice. Live among the plants, animals, and trees. In your stewardship, you shall rediscover the purity of spirit.

Gemini of the Week******Natalie Portman

Let's perform a ritual this week to mark your liberation. I will light the candle, which will burn away all the leftover pieces of the past. Once that debris has been porperly cleared, you can get a more precise glimpse of the brighter future.

Cancer of the Week******Franz Kafka

Open up thy heart. Let it be the boss. Allow its rhythm to dictate all your decisions. Be at its mercy, on your knees if neccessary. Let it strip away all things superfluous, including your need for security and power. Satisfy your SOUL.

Leo of the Week******Cormac McCarthy

Whenever I go too long without music, I feel a great void within me. Don't go hungry this week, Virg. find yourselves. Satisfy your cravings and heed your desires. You then have more to continually offer.

Virgo of the Week******Moe Tucker

There will be no warning! Inspiration shall strike you like lightning! The heavens shall open up on their own accord and bestow you with their powers. Ready yourself by letting go. Then you shall receive courage as well as strength from a potent source. That's all the help you'll need to execute your newest, most exciting plans.

Libra of the Week******John Lennon

check you out Scorpio, you're raw and ready to ride. As you go forth to reveal your full talent, be daring, be yourself. verbalize in order to realize.

Scorpio of the Week******Beverly D'Angelo

You'll do anything to prove a point. That's obvious by now. This week I challenge you to discover the BEST way of doing that. From an astral perspective, it looks like some methods are more effective than others, move in overall service of your purpose.

Sagitarius of the Week******Connie Francis

They say every top wizard/witch keeps their secrects to themselves. This week, in the spirit of the unconventional Gemini, you'll have the chance to reverse the trend. You're still be closely following your own intuition, doing what you please, only with a splash more of communication, which inspires your followers/admirers, to do exactly as you do.

Capricorn of the Week******Jenny Lewis

Whoa. True love is closer than ever! OK, I know you need prepping and primping time before you open the door. While you preen in your private quarters, prepare yourself to believe it's true. The light, though blinding, is actual, eternal, infinite...

Aquarius of the Week******"The Raven"

Under the sun, all is one! Even the shadow disappears when the light is shone upon it. So that you may breathe better, and swim along with more ease, let in the heat. Swathe yourself and your troubles in it. Dissolve under it until you feel healed

Pisces of the Week******UZ'S "War" u feel healed'