Week of May 15, 2008

Don't worry about how "long" things take. Let the timing be natural. Deadlines are un-necessary. As long as you give the moment your fullest attention, you'll get to where you need to go. In the meantime, enjoy the life that is swirling around you. Get lost in its thrilling design.

Aries of the Week******Venus de Milo

Can you come out and play?! It seems your presence will be soon requested. As you prepare to reveal your newest look, go natural. Let your strength come shining through this week. Disregard your fear as you assume full power. Follow your heart and the steps grow progressively less tedious.

Taurus of the Week******the Kentucky derby

There are bound to be highs as well as lows when you're flying through the air. My only advice for your upcoming cruise is to stay in motion. If you should experience any turbulence, just keep moving. Use your vision for travel just one key moment beyond all "barriers."

Gemini of the Week******Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Remember the good old days? If not, start to recall. Reminiscing is a necessary remedy for what ills you right now. It reminds you that nothing is truly lost, and you may redeem and access the dream at all times. The beauty of now, however, is that anything you DON"T want can be forgotten, forgiven, left behind for good/dead.

Cancer of the Week******the Wall Street Journal

Do what you love. It's the most definite way of maximizing your power. Also, blow up your dream. Draw up the images or words in the largest configuration possible, so that your message is definitely received. If necessary, write out your desire in the sky, where it has plenty of room and viewing potential.

Leo of the Week******Franz Ferdinand

You like a big job. You're just that kind of dude. For this next challenge in particular, summon your imagination. With both feet placed firmly on the ground, you'll be steady enough to handle its immense power. Soak in the inspiration, letting the waves pass through you. Have your tools ready. You'll want to pick them up and start working as soon as you are fully connected.

Virgo of the Week******Freddie Mercury

Put on your sweetest face, fake eyelashes and all. Wear your heart on your sleeve and give it away as often as possible. Smile as you hand yourself over to ensure the recipients that as long as they are willing to face your personal version of the ideal, they get nothing but love in return...

Libra of the Week******Kirk Cameron

Say what you need. Make your boundaries clear. Acknowledge the time when your wishes are granted. Be grateful for what supports you and conscious at least of what does NOT feed you. Be wise this week. It's the secret to revealing the truth, which has the power to reverse all fortune.

Scorpio of the Week******Hal Hartley

Like I told one of my most recently pregnant sagittarian companions during a reading: stick out your belly! Release control so that you'll have more of it! Let go of what you believed was possible so that the gift of opportunity may FULLY reveal itself to you. To bring your joy closer to you, just keep your arms open. Your acceptance will transform fear/ let what is beautiful rise smoothly to the surface.

Sagitarius of the Week******Britney Spears

Everyone is listening, goats. But there's no voice coming through-only soothing, ocean-like sounds, a deep cooing which lays all trouble to rest. As always, you are utterly practical, and aware of the fact that no one's going to have any fun around here until all crying babies are gently rocked to sleep.

Capricorn of the Week******DJ Quik

You are as keen as ever this week, but this time with an air of mystery. That's my advice in regards to getting through to your current audience. Your latest discoveries are earth-shattering. To move your listeners past all fear, practice sleight of hand and playing dead. Reveal your methods to NO ONE. Then they'll have to do the work for themselves.

Aquarius of the Week******Mick Taylor

You fish are always discovering new bodies of water. This week I urge you to keep swimming until you reach the perfect oasis. Sail along, right through the high and raging seas until you reach a placid lake. This provides just the right amount of head space, which you'll need to dream your way towards your next incarnation of being.

Pisces of the Week******Nina Simone