Week of May 8, 2008

Do your chores ahead of time this week, finish up as early as possible, because it looks like the freer you are to roam, the more fun you can have. If you must "cram" then go ahead. There's a couple of delicious treats waiting for you afterwards. Why not get it while its hot/enjoy the full rapture?

Aries of the Week******Serge Gainsbourg

You can take your magic right along with you, ya know? It seems like you couldn't remind yourself of this enough in the week ahead. That cause it's time to hit the road. Mobility is necessary for your total fertility. Converse with the flowers. Trade scents, magic powers, and special secrets with all of nature.

Taurus of the Week******discovery of Jamaica

You're my idol. I marvel at you so completely, it's difficult to fully comprehend your existence sometimes. I enjoy watching you move. I am constantly amazed by the precise but original action you take. The floor is yours, twins. Tell us/act out the whole story. Spell it out the best you can so that we can model it...

Gemini of the Week******"Mary Had a little Lamb"

"Never thought love had a rainbow on it...Dance, dance, feel it all around you." That's what Neil Young, my favorite rock/folk artist has to say about love. Yep, it's that simple, crabs. Let it in and then let it move you. An explosion of color will result, restoring your sight, replenishing your senses, regenerating your wits....

Cancer of the Week******Missy Gold

This week I asked one of my sharpest friends how best to handle the Leo. She replied casually, "Lavish them." AHA! I temporarily forgot how simple it is to win you big cats over- just rub your belly, serve you sweet treats, pump you up with love, offer you a solid hand. Y'all can't resist. (why would you?)

Leo of the Week******"Bambi"

Just say no. It's bound to work in your favor. At this stage in your most personal transformation, every time you resist temptation, you grow an inch. Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself! From my estimation, the results are instantaneous...

Virgo of the Week******Frank O'Connor

I know, I know. You have a LOT of questions. Before you seek any answers, make sure you don't already have them. From here it seems like you know: what you must do, what you want, and what you need. I suggest sifting through the information you've already obtained previous to making any superfluous calls for help.

Libra of the Week******Steve Miller

Next week my sister, a true blue scorpio and a born princess, will be married, an event she has been steadily preparing for virtually all of her life. Being so beautiful in every-day life, I can only imagine how radiant she will appear as she strolls down her aisle. I suggest you begin mentally preparing for something similar, scorp. You as well are soon to gracefully emerge in your full glory, after a long winter's nap.

Scorpio of the Week******the first female vote in the US

I love it when your heart's on fire. It's so contagious! I fully endorse the act of breathing your passion, like a kiss, into the souls of all those you meet. Lucid warrior, give us a taste of your vibrant spirit. Let every touch be filled with the yearning for your highest vision. So the word can spread faster...

Sagitarius of the Week******Montell Jordan

Dear lone wolf: I want to BE with you, observe your ways, study your integrity, learn of your strength and discipline. Goats, if you haven't already, I predict you are likely to receive a similar request soon. I think it's the perfect opportunity to impart your specific wisdom. Accept the chance to be teacher and shepherd. It's the answer to some long-lost prayer.

Capricorn of the Week******John Paul Jones

Be bold, dudes. You have all the knowledge and understanding you need to speak your sermon from whatever mountaintop. Your words are redemptive. Your ideas return us to our most original state of pure bliss. Display your own uniqueness, with utter flamboyance.

Aquarius of the Week******Laura Ingalls Wilder

Breathe, fishes. You are safe, no matter where you go or what you choose. However, the less fear involved, the more likely you will make the decision you really want. Take your time and proceed with confidence. Trust your own instincts above all others. They are particularly "killer" this week.

Pisces of the Week******Harvard