Week of May 2, 2008

Space out, warriors. You need a break from the front lines. Escape from your everyday reality is currently necessary. It is there that you may rest weary bones as well as gather new perspective, which is useful to proceeding beyond limitation.

Aries of the Week******the Cuban Revolution Party

In NYC, the lights never fade. Dancing never ceases. Conversation never dies. I suggest we visit someplace similar as a special birthday treat. Explore new territory, a scene that is bursting with energy, extra-sensory, provoking your imagination, prompting your raw expression...which is mercy to your soul.

Taurus of the Week******the Irish Literary Theater-Dublin

One of my favorite musicians in Brooklyn names one of her tunes the "Block out the neighbors" mix, in reference to the difficulties of focusing on your work when others are so in your space. But I have learned, living in the midst of constant dialogue, that there are ways to do what she says. Like humming really loud above all the chatter until you've dominated the vibe. Or integrating all sounds with your own. It just depends on the situation.

Gemini of the Week******Action comics

In a past life, I bet you were a famous country and western singer. I just picture a voice which is rich in content, a song of the purest tone. No matter what the genre though, I get truly excited when you reach for the nearest mic/magic wand and dominate the air waves.

Cancer of the Week******John Paul Jones

Good news....There is NO WAY of telling what might happen next. Nor is there any means of deciphering the best move. So kick back. The best you can do is stay present and observant. Surrender your strategy. The universe has its own idea of fun for you.

Leo of the Week******Danny Bonaduce

It's no scam! You're really that authentic, and truly that fastidious. But even more importantly, you're actually as forgiving as you appear to be. That's enough to prove your role as a medicine person. Display your profound talent in removing stains, even the toughest kind. Right now, do WHATEVER necessary to administer care.. When you emerge, your own integrity/ health will be as fully restored as your "patients."

Virgo of the Week******Shay's rebellion

It may sound strange, but to stay warm this week, you'll have to get naked. Life is funny like this sometimes, tricking us into taking our clothes off. But it's a reality check- in, to be without such safety. It reminds you of the details of your beautiful bare essence, which recalls the whole innocent truth, nothing but the truth, so help me...(lord).

Libra of the Week******Chris de Burgh

I see you everywhere this week, behind every curtain, in every doorway, lingering on every street corner. Your ghost must have something specific to say. Either that or you're on vacation, peeping and spying whenever you get the chance. I'm all for it. (Dreaming in the moonlight)

Scorpio of the Week******"Othello"

I predict your mere presence will incite and even possibly enrage others this week. I imagine that the simple sight of you will inspire massive movement. Keep doing what you're doing then. Adding momentum to the general population is an excellent idea.

Sagitarius of the Week******Patty Duke

What do you love, goats? Make a shrine of it. Put it on a platform as a way of sharing its beauty. While it's turning in the spotlight, tell all those who stop to look why it's so special, why you believe in it enough to share it with the whole world. Your voice is strong these days, bringing comfort and hope wherever it is found. This is to your advantage.

Capricorn of the Week******New Mexico

You will discover this week that "lateness" is more like a concept than a reality, more adequately defined as an opinion and not a mere fact. But that shouldn't surprise you too much, water bearers. You are well acquainted with the realms of higher knowledge, objective truth, eternal wisdom, and the miracle of relativity.

Aquarius of the Week******Nathan Lane

Imagine you're making a delicious stew. You can add anything you want to the mix. Before you consider cooking it up though, do some extra dreaming. List your most ideal ingredients as they occur to you. Later we'll hunt them down in the wild, create a yummy meal.

Pisces of the Week******Saul Williams