Week of April 16, 2008

Love may be no more than a godsend, warriors. Keep that in mind this week as you continue a "search" for your dreams. That which you seek seems to be sitting in your lap, actually. As long as you can accept its rich and fulfilling flavor, consider it yours.

Aries of the Week******Quentin Tarantino

A little bit of heat can go a long way this week, bulls. Get yourself to the nearest kitchen and warm up. The more relaxed you are, the better, i.e. easier it is for you to fully enjoy the present. Remain in the ring of fire, letting it burn away all your clothes and skin until you are nothing but a buck- naked spirit.

Taurus of the Week******root beer

It isn't as scary as it looks to be in your body. That's the only point of all the "lessons" you've been having to learn. In fact, once you get past your initial fear, the astral radar suggests you may quite enjoy the sensation. The more you feel, the freer you be...

Gemini of the Week******Mary Kate and Ashley Olson

Do me a favor. Don't ever follow anyone down some dark, deserted alley EVER again. Also, get yourself to the nearest oasis for immediate relief. I see one in your midst. There is a lot of light, the atmosphere is tender, but with a lot of open, fresh space.

Cancer of the Week******M.I.A

There are still many prisoners to free up. So what you waitin for? You LOVE to unleash the wild animal. To get us in the mood, stay raw. Disregard the consequence of your untamed expression. It is meant to open things wide up.

Leo of the Week******Chicago

It isn't fortunate or UNfortunate. It's just the pure truth: no one can help you better than you can. There is no secret cure, medicine person or recipe that could fix you up quicker or more efficiently than your own healing devices. Just remember that you draw such power from the universe at large, which makes your total open-ness an absolute requirement.

Virgo of the Week******Amy Winehouse

Deception is a creeper. One never knows exactly where it casts its shadow. That's because it lives and breathes in the dark, where it may be less noticeable. As you clean the corners, take your time then. Bring with you a deep and reverent compassion for yourself and others. Have mercy on the soul as you set it free from its chains.

Libra of the Week******Robert Doran

Actions are a necessary partner to your ideals. With that as your main mantra this week, following up should start to become more automatic. At first it may be necessary to clarify your desires, to review your vows or re-construct your plans. That's the tedious part. Then we move on to the more exciting portion, where you focus in on your prey with the stinger that never misses.

Scorpio of the Week******Mobb Deep

A good friend of mine hates the wind. He thinks its a nuisance. Even though I find this specific dis-taste to be humorous, I can see where he's coming from. Anyway, it's nothing the archer can't handle. Bring on the madness! By the way, that ranges from everything to wild, stormlike conditions to peaceful, even ground. Both are novel terrain, equally as intriguing and educational.

Sagitarius of the Week******Jack White

Every climber slides down the mountain sometimes. Especially when the road is slippery or wet. But it looks like you needed the mudbath. For you goats, the more control you surrender this week, the more balanced and healthy you will feel at the end of the day. Ironically, it's letting go that allows you to come to grips.

Capricorn of the Week******the Galilean Moons

Few may know this, but out of all the signs, it is hardest for the water bearers to receive assistance. That is, unless it's the absolute right candidate. Here is my suggestion for attracting the proper guidance. Remain humble, with one hand out-stretched. When your highness approaches, bow down as a sign of ultimate gratitude and utter respect.

Aquarius of the Week******The Wedding March

Speak from your heart, fishes. Imagine an audience that excitedly anticipates and eagerly awaits your unique wisdom and perspective. Begin this week to make the first attempt at telling the world this story. Love need be your only ally, groupie, director, spokesperson and choreographer.

Pisces of the Week******Abe Lincoln's "oath of office"