Week of March 25, 2008

Serenity equals transformation this week rams. Mainly because it reminds you that for as much effort as you put forth, the earth is on its own schedule and magic works in its own time. Continue being as honest as you are accepting. This is only combo that could speed up the process. Don't forget about your allies/audience. Their support can strengthen your righteous cause(s).

Aries of the Week: Eddie Murphy

I've tried to reach you several times this week, but it seems you're missing...HOoray! You've returned to the earth, your ever patient guide, who's been waiting for you to visit, gather supplies, cry into her breast, etc. Graze and laze in her sweet grass while you slowly come to your senses. But just keep in mind-you're on HER time now, not your own. So- see ya on the flip, dude.

Taurus of the Week: Henry Fonda

If you aren't getting through in one way, try another... That's the cleverest celestial suggestion I could divine this week. I imagine that's because certain things get lost in translation, wires get crossed, etc, depending on the medium. But, I assured the astral headquarters that you were more than qualified to handle such a task, genius communicator that you are. Go ahead twins. Put a unique spin on things for the sake of connection. Blow it up.

Gemini of the Week: drive-in movies

My own mother claims that all a mother wants for her children is to see that they're smiling, and not crying, sad or depressed. As long as they're happy...I agree. Ironically, that's what your own mother earth wants for you crabs this week. Do whatever brings you pleasure, sweethearts. Make hard choices if that means securing your deepest wish. It would greatly please your spiritual guardians that you get what you truly deserve.

Cancer of the Week: Elvis Presley's radio debut= "That's Alright"

"I just need to roar sometimes. Then I feel much better and usually want to take a nap" That's how my leonine sister explained it to me this week. I predict that you lions won't be satisfied until you've done the same. Let nothing stand in the way of self expression in the days ahead and take as much time and space as you need to unleash your true heart. The more thorough and genuine you are, the more likely you get your way. Then after that, yes, we will ALL take a nice, long siesta.

Leo of the Week: the Whiskey Rebellion

A BIG part of the puzzle is hanging out in the ether. Just be your normal investigatory self and as usual, you will come across the blinding truth. Actually, it'll be more like a stumble this time, and when you fit it back in with the whole picture, you'll feel overwhelmed with a bright clarity. You'll immediately want to apply this new knowledge, the result of which is so personally fulfilling, you shall once more rejoice in your labor.

Virgo of the Week: Dinah Washington

Continue to make foxlike movements, while approaching your target directly. Your dreams await only your commitment. Your heart knows it's choice. To experience it though, you'll need to stand by and for your desire/ideals. Dedicate yourself to nothing beyond "right now". The result is regenerative as well as calming.

Libra of the Week: the Million Man March

Follow the twists and divets of communication this week Scorp. Stay not only present but outwardly expressive especially through the difficult moments. Somewhere, amidst all of the thunder and lightning, there is a specific but potent truth, which is also a doorway. Be open to receiving necessary fuel along the way.

Scorpio of the Week: Harry Houdini's final performance

A good scorpion friend of mine blew me away in passing a few months ago when he explained that his most recent spiritual evolution took place after his travels in Brazil. He learned that as long as he was willing to surrender all other items and possessions, he could keep his LIFE on these historically perilous streets. What a revelation, archers! Give it all up, except for that one precious thing which not even you are in a position to sacrifice. It's the wisest advice- Let them take "everything."

Sagitarius of the Week: Rain Phoenix

Spring cleaning, capricorn? And looking ahead as usual? It's only normal for the goat to move from goal to goal as they are achieved. But why not take a moment to observe the sunset before you venture forth? Take some time to enjoy the view, breathe the air, watch the kids play at the park, etc. I predict such activity will also clue you into your next set of "tasks", which have a significantly different focus/hue than normal. Exciting.

Capricorn of the Week: the discovery of Neptune

Refrain from making any corrections, either on yourself or others. Consider it your own personal version of "spring break" this week. While you rest from your normal routine, hang loose. I predict that as you wile out, you'll learn secrets, which is like candy for a water-bearer. These truths will make you laugh, cry, scream, i.e. unravel. After all that, your movement in the revolution can resume its normal grace, but even more steadily.

Aquarius of the Week: The New Yorker

Ants are marvelous. They work together, with patience, towards a shared goal, a true "brother" in the kingdom of animals. That reminds me of you fish, always cooperating for the sake of humanity. Keep it up, despite the urge to go down some dark path alone. The result of all your work is nearing. I would hate for you to miss the meal that you put so much labor into preparing, darlings.

Pisces of the Week: girl scouts