Week of March 20, 2008

This week, just before we entered your zodiac sign, I had a dream about flying saucers in the shape of bats traveling at the speed of light to their home planet, which was a combination planet of Mars and the Moon. In Native American medicine, the bat is the symbol of rebirth. In astrology, Mars governs our desire and the Moon is the symbol of dreams. Translation: happy re-birthday rams! This year you will bring a bright new momentum to your deepest wishes!

Aries of the Week: Ghandi's day of Prayer and Fasting

ALL of your willpower is required, in regards to the following question: What is the MOST loving thing you could do? I don't predict that will be the easiest, but I trust you are a strong enough leader to charge past whatever obstacles stand in the way of that choice. Embrace the difficulties. It's an old trick which typically dissolves all barriers/maintains control.

Taurus of the Week: David Beckham

Gather your notes, clues, observations, etc. This week presents a ripe opportunity to put it all together. Once you solve the puzzle, you'll be significantly more prepared to present your idea. Access to the entire picture is crucial to your best communication, which has the potential to be as effective as the preceding investigation.

Gemini of the Week: Brooke Shields

Whatever you wish unto others, you bring to yourself. I therefore recommend nurturing on the outside only what you'd like to grow in your own personal garden. Even your thoughts plant certain seeds. Check in with those inner mantras. Weed out all phrases you wish to go/grow no further. Replace them with those you do.

Cancer of the Week: "To Kill A Mockingbird"

Deep within the heart of the forest, true love is calling. To reach him/her/it, you'll have to travel through the densest part of the jungle. It is there that your sleeping beauty awaits. Hearing your most passionate lion's roar, you shall restore your prince/princess to their most natural, beautiful state. Go! Heed the voices with a swift courage.

Leo of the Week: Woodstock music & art fair

Your bravery is rewarded this week. Similarly, every time you take a step outside of your most comfortable zone, you have the chance to receive a special gift, a token of inspiration, an answered prayer, a symbol of hope, a nourishing treat. The less routine this week, the more endowed you shall become. Just follow your "moods" to fresh adventures.

Virgo of the Week: "Star Trek"

In honor of the astrological new year, I wish for you equal partnership. The only catch is that you'll have to sacrifice putting your energy into places that aren't ready to match your efforts. In order to do this, spend the week cultivating your own feelings of self worth. The more you believe in you, the better treatment you will expect, and therefore receive.

Libra of the Week: "I love Lucy"

As the symbol of death, you're the perfect candidate to put an end to fear's limitations. This week may you practice dancing in the face of all "demons." May you sing above the obstacles which present themselves. May your laughter be the cause of your regeneration. May your joy lift you right off the ground, and teach you once again, the nature of your own power to rise.

Scorpio of the Week: Leon Trotsky

Don't stop believing archers. Intend to give all attention to your most pressing ideas. The less you are distracted from your imagination, the greater the chance it will live. Waste no energy on petty emotions such as envy or anger. Turn your gaze strictly forward to the breath-taking horizon of this "new world". Continue steps in that direction. Your focus ensures arrival.

Sagitarius of the Week: Jimi Hendrix

Hello captain. Now that we are safely on course, relax a bit. There in the quiet spaces of transition, there is time to dream. There is also the opportunity to witness the results of your own hard work. Let the week reveal the magic of your tradition. The success is meant for your personal enjoyment/ empowerment.

Capricorn of the Week: the crowning of Queen Elizabeth I

Be certain. It IS your job to free us from the mundane and inspire us beyond the structure presented. If you are the living representation of the revolution, then may you be begin to revolt. To better ensure your own leadership, refuse all dogma. Stick to your own creative means and devices. Make and break laws in the name of growth.

Aquarius of the Week: New York City

Practice letting go of what comforts you this week fish. Each time you do, open a new door, behind which lay potent and yummy seeds. As you swallow them, trading your security for inspiration, you are immediately transported to other more magic and colorful worlds. You need only remain vigilant in making such specific choices.

Pisces of the Week: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"