Week of March 13, 2008

What's your best offer, rams? Even if getting what you REALLY want means you must wait, I predict that its worth whatever time, effort, money, energy, or willpower you'd be required to put up. This week consider the idea that it's more fulfilling in the long run to strive for your ultimate dream rather than settle for less than that.

Aries of the Week: Emma Thompson

Gather your caravan, bulls. You'd prefer NOT to do this alone. Or at least, it's better if you don't. A community adds not only support, but also fun and perspective. Once the collaboration begins, things become more efficient, leaving you more time and space for *dreaming*.

Taurus of the Week: the first pioneer's "wagon train"

Consider this the week of sublime opportunity. Just when you thought you could go no further in your creative efforts, your imagination will kick in. When it does, be ready. Have a pen, paper, paintbrush, videocam, closet full of apparati on hand. Provide the maximum chance to express yourself.

Gemini of the Week: Saul Bellow

Instead of 3 wishes this week, the universe offers you 3 questions. I suggest taking the proper time to make your choice. The astral omens suggest that such queries eventually lead to the granting of certain desires. Search within to get in touch with what you really want to know. The answers are "magic."

Cancer of the Week: chevy corvette

I sense the sun cats could use some down time this week. I picture you chilling out in the dark. There you melt into the void, dissolve into the night. Turning out the lights is a whole new adventure. It also provides the inspiration your spirit demands for its next "invention."

Leo of the Week: the mimeograph

It's the week of your undoing. To assist yourself in becoming unhinged, begin to consider alternative perspectives/points of view. Focus on opening your heart and mind to opposing ideas and behaviors. That way you're still the chief, but you're also hip and up to date.

Virgo of the Week: Patrick Swayze

This week the connection between you and the divine will be stronger than ever. Take advantage of the information/inspiration being offered. Take the time to collect it all first before you spit it back out. Digest the message fully before you reproduce it for your various "audiences."

Libra of the Week: Marion Cotillard

Scorpion, turn your voyage towards the sun! The moment calls you forth, into the SPOT-light. Secretly, you prefer this sparkling existence to the suffocating corner. There, on the top of a sunny mountain, closest to the open sky is where you are most comfortable, happy, and excited to be.

Scorpio of the Week: Scott Weiland

Bravery is required. Spirituality is your "spring" board. Answer the highest calling, archers. As soon as you do the signs will appear, leading you further down the path. Trust your heart and the gamble it longs to take. It shall lead you to soothing waters.

Sagitarius of the Week: photos of "life on mars" first presented

Release your grip, goats. Let the wind blow through you, cleansing while it liberates your mind. Imagine yourself in a new open terrain. The slate is clean and therefore aches for you to fill it with your dreams. Paint a new picture capricorn. Include all your most recent fantasies/wishes.

Capricorn of the Week: Michelle Obama

Trade it ALL in, water bearers. I predict you'll get only love in return, which is worth more than all the gold you possess. Relinquish your valuables. Make as much room as possible for pure romance and crystal vision.

Aquarius of the Week: La Boheme

See you round fish. Hopefully I'll catch you skipping about, leaping for joy, weeping, etc. Close your eyes this week when possible and then follow the rhythm-inner and outer. Dancing transforms your solitude and makes even your sorrow into a precious thing.

Pisces of the Week: Antonio Vivaldi