Week of March 6, 2008

You're the pioneer for certain reasons. It's mostly due to the fact that you rarely question your heart's unique desire. Unless you've had the "wool pulled over your eyes", which is why the message for this week is one which kindly asks that you remove all blinders. This provides insurance that your experience is both direct and immediate. Your vision, wild and innate, is begging to be freely heard as well as pursued.

Aries of the Week: Joseph Pullitzer

Speak up bulls. I couldn't quite hear what you were saying. While it's obvious that certain bridges may collapse in the wake of your speech, it's also true that your assertions clear away ancient, useless structure. While the smoke clears, let your voice boom. It's resonance will strengthen the minds and hearts of those you love, providing the fortitude necessary to achieve even the most difficult tasks.

Taurus of the Week: Daniel Day-Lewis

Twins: Put certain ideas/ways/behaviors quietly to bed. Trade expectation for adventure? Control for natural growth? Competition for freedom? I suggest that as you face particular obstacles, you are granted the chance to be reborn. To acquire true "liberty", refuse to sell it. Strip everything down to the barest essentials, to be reminded of how beautiful, powerful, and successful you are all on your own.

Gemini of the Week: Thomas Hardy

Nothing is sacred crabs. Also, EVERYthing is. If you can begin to grapple with such duality in the week ahead, I predict you'll feel at least fifty percent freer of a specific pattern/cycle. Here are some tips to get you started in the process: 1-Don't apologize. 2-Don't ask for any apologies. 3-Skip explanation, embracing the losses as well as the wins. I predict the practice of these simple moves will give birth to a state of deep inner peace.

Cancer of the Week: Mavis Staples

What's next lions? We all know how crabby a bored jungle cat can get. While you are newly inspired and/or frustrated, why not take full advantage of the fire that's under your ass? What EXACTLY are you called to do at this time? I forsee the answer being as specific as it is functional. It tends not only to scratch a certain itch, but also to achieve a new and refreshing state of being.

Leo of the Week: Mary Louise Parker

Keep the moment to yourself this week virgins. As you come to final terms with certain ideas, ecstasy lays hidden around the corner. This is a reward for all of your hard work, dedication, resilience, determination, and unshakable faith. Savor the bliss. Let your spirit drink it's own holy renewal. It is well deserved.

Virgo of the Week: Leonard Cohen

Balance is essential to magic. Discipline is pertinent to overcoming obstacle. To achieve your own, first go hunting. On the journey, may you rediscover your very own personally empowering experience which reduces suffering while increasing motivation. You'll know you're close when your insides feel less like a see-saw, and more like steadily flowing waves headed to shore.

Libra of the Week: John Lennon

To experience your next evolution, a spiritual cleanse is required. In the moments before the curtain is lifted, concentrate on releasing your burdens. Let go of all thoughts, attitudes, and ideas which are not your own. This is the moment for your purest individual expression. Lay down all loads so that your burgeoning spirit may brightly shine.

Scorpio of the Week: Joni MItchell

You'll have the chance to see that your instincts were right all along this week. Celebrate as certain truths are revealed. Use such discovery as a means of increasing the trust you place in yourself. They don't call you the archer for nothing. Ride on, centaurs, your eyes ever fastened on the prize.

Sagitarius of the Week: Edvard Munch

I think you've proved yourself by now, goats. So instead of doing what you should, experiment this week in doing what you want. Feel free to write me letters discussing the different effect this choice has on your life. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Capricorn of the Week: Howard Stern

Let your mind be penetrated this week. Listening this well will build patience, a necessary requirement for the upcoming evolution, which is essentially just a return to an earlier, more innocent state of play and wonder, an epoch of discovery, pure magic, child-like bliss.

Aquarius of the Week: Mick Avory

Go away fish. That's your assignment for this week. Get out and don't let me see you back here anytime soon. There is an opportunity to venture beyond the walls which keep you safe. My crystal ball reveals a beautiful land, existing in a place far far away, nowhere near your current home. You are well received there, and the ground is fertile. Hurry! There is no time to waste!

Pisces of the Week: Albert Einstein