Week of February 28, 2008

Love IS the winner. Follow it's rhythm to release its power rams. I suggest practicing this in (private) first. Within your own sacred walls, rehearse the decision to thrust your heart forward. If all else dies, and only it's dancing spirit remains, I predict you will experience a lightness of being, an inner stillness, an ecstatic sense of wonder, a divine union with the moment, an earthly type of bliss...

Aries of the Week: "South Pacific"

For perfect vision, release all expectation. Forget what you already know so that communication is kept current and up to date. This type of listening demands risk but also promises romance, inspiration, and eventually- celebration. It seems such willingness is a small price to pay for what you receive in return.

Taurus of the Week: Bebel Gilberto

Your continued growth requires some basic maintenance-just that you keep on working while firmly upholding the belief that you will succeed. The smOOthest path right now lies somewhere between two extremes. The moderate road provides the stability you need for a spiritual blossoming. Amidst the most subtle terrain unexpected love awaits.

Gemini of the Week: Joyce Carol Oates

Trust your most foolish inclinations this week cancer. Leap before you look. Your heart doesn't miss a thing so it's safe to let it dictate where, to whom, and how you offer your precious gifts. Whenever you do, a powerful light shall be born, begetting strength and serenity.

Cancer of the Week: Will Ferrell

Lions, go limp. I suggest a surrender to your heart because it's got triple the strength of a "normal" one. Be silent in the presence of your desire. Let it blow your mind and increase your worldview. Your perspective, which is already wide, stretches out even further as a result of your own acceptance. Embrace to move ahead and outward- rapidly.

Leo of the Week: Kate Bush

FYI: you have all the knowledge you need to proceed. Quietly, you've been fattening up, your enlightenment growing in private. It's time to step into the light, act on the wisdom you've stored, use it to cut all chains, let it direct you to a state of utter freedom...

Virgo of the Week: O. Henry

You scales know best that war is not the only answer. Experiment with turning your back and maintaining it's posture. I predict that your withdrawal will produce the harmony you desire. Stay in your peaceful, creative position to attract others of like mind and spirit.

Libra of the Week: Lil' Wayne

There are many options scorpion. As you explore the many facets of your dreams, I recommend keeping your space clean and clear for maximum vision. This week it is extra important to keep all pests out of the garden. Certain fruit is nearly ripe. Before it bears, you have a little more time to nurture it's light. Doing so ensures its power to shine in the world when at last it is set free.

Scorpio of the Week: Big Punisher

Have faith in the sublime this week archers. Allow the power of the dream to have total control. Let it pull the rug from beneath you, cut away falsely soothing lies, and set you gently free. Lay still to receive the healing poison which reverses all deception. It's sting will return you to your most magical state.

Sagitarius of the Week: J.J. Cale

Try to forget what you know this week goats. Instead look forward to a horizon which lays beyond yesterday's conflict. The past cannot be altered, but you can use it's wisdom to design something new. Look to where you have been for direction on where you are going. Let your wounds guide you to your happiness, prompt you to take the risk required.

Capricorn of the Week: Slick Rick

The more strictly loyal you remain to your truth, the greater the chance it has to come to life. Regardless of the "damage" your expression may cause, it is life-giving and ultimately reduces our heaviest burdens. Speak out , up , over and through this week. Let your words and ideas flow and flow...

Aquarius of the Week: Neal Cassady

It's almost time for you to leave a certain nest, fishes. Before you take to the skies, remember all you've learned, what you leave behind as well as what you seek. I predict there is a way to maintain the innocence of your spirit while still fully participating. The trick is keeping in mind that you may choose your collaboration. Your sacrifice is your right.

Pisces of the Week: Ja Rule