Week of February 20, 2008

Fearless pioneers like you are naturally going to be the first to reach new ground. It's just that type of raw adventure you are meaning to always have. As you enter this particular cave, which you have no doubt led yourself to for certain reasons, the universe sends a message to assist you in your brave attempt- that the larger and more ferocious the beast, the more gentle an approach that is recommended. That way you and the monster you've come to face have a chance to shake hands/share power.

Aries of the Week: Al Green

Trust that whatever happens this week is the answer to your prayers. You've been wishing while you work, so you may have forgotten what you've actually requested. This is therefore a message reminding you to receive your just rewards when they arrive in your lap. Regardless of the form such gifts take, they are certain to relieve you of the chains you wear without complaint. Lightning this week will no doubt strike to cause the necessary chasms. Celebrate the renewal.

Taurus of the Week: Danny Trejo

You're coming through the astral canals in waves this week, twins. That must mean you are finally surfing with the tides! See you later! Have fun! I hope I don't see you back here anytime soon. We don't need you on the land right now. Besides, the ocean is begging and pleading for you to join its wild, healing waters.

Gemini of the Week: Prince

To move ahead, there is one simple but tricky requirement- to receive your inner bliss alongside outer truth. Luckily you have been endowed with the gift of an open heart with which to complete this task. Surrender to this power and all despair will dissolve. Recall the strength of your own embrace, which is wide enough to include ALL possibilities, even the most far-out.

Cancer of the Week: M.I.A.

The stars gave you a large heart for a reason-so that you could be an example of abundance to the world. The universe supplied you with an excessive amount of light to offer for the main purpose of sharing it . Similarly, you were also granted with a passion and vigor beyond the ordinary experience so that you have what you need to execute your delivery. Use the lion's roar to breathe your loving fire, if you must.

Leo of the Week: Woody Harrelson

Assume you know nothing. That's how you'll come to receive specific instruction. Prepare to listen closely for direction. This pre-knowledge prepares you for the moment of transformation, yours as much as the world's that surrounds you. The more you know now, the easier it will be to step out of your skin, which in this case is actually the stepping INto your self, your integrity, your deep faith, your certainty of the eternal.

Virgo of the Week: Leonard Cohen

Warning: when you realize particular injustices are taking place, you're going to want to lob off heads. However, for the sake of vision and next level living, allow me to provide an alternative. After you let the truth shatter all illusion, say grace for the illumination that takes its place. Let gratitude pour through you and outwards. Experience once more the bliss that comes from knowing that the beautiful life- design remains safe from human control.

Libra of the Week: Basquiat

Your spirit is a great one to bring to the craps table. Your instinct will always tell you where to place your bets, and this week specifically, when to walk away. You possess the innate understanding of what you cannot sacrifice, even for the sake of more power. Allow this voice to grow bigger and stronger, until it's practically booming out of you. Let it lead you home to where you may celebrate your wise decision to remain free.

Scorpio of the Week: Pablo Picasso

Patience is needed. Organization will help. Both will aid you in swallowing the seed you eagerly popped into your mouth. Your faith is being tested, but have no fear. From here I can tell that you have precisely the determination necessary to foster your evolution. Digest all ideas in your own time, archer. This preserves focus, which you will no doubt need to stay on poetic target.

Sagitarius of the Week: Emily Dickinson

You've done the work- relax and have a drink. The boundaries you once erected kept everything safely under your control. Your continued respect for the sacred and your constant willingness to stay true to your conviction has provided the necessary pathway towards growth. Now please step back and watch as your crops come alive! An awe inspiring firework display of miracles is predicted.

Capricorn of the Week: Marlene Dietrich

I've taken to your method of spying as a secret parting birthday gift to you. I saw that Romance was lingering outside your door, inventing ways to gather your attention. I also see that this is just the sort of nourishment you need right now- an "unexpected" visit that gives you a break from your mentally vigilant routine, an opportunity to escape to other-worlds, a chance to play and be pornagraphically happy.

Aquarius of the Week: Regina Spekter

In astrology, the fish are the symbol of redemption, a promise by god. This covenant is protected and kept alive by the act of loving one another without condition. In this season, we learn that maintaining this belief is what allows us to experience the fullness of a dream. To bring these ideas to life, let go now. Thank you pisces, for your simple trust. Enjoy the results of your magic faith in the week ahead...!

Pisces of the Week: Lou Reed