Week of February 14, 2008

Every journeyman/woman must be sure they are well fed with plenty of resources. Specifically, for this portion of the adventure, it would be helpful to be in touch with friendly, childlike spirits. These enlightened beings offer an innocent type of love, known to instantly heal all wounds and restore stamina. If you're having trouble summoning the essence of youth, try posting pictures of you and your pals in the earlier days in places where you can see them often. This shall aid in calling such energy to you.

Aries of the Week: Shemekia Copeland

Put down your load bulls. I suggest letting go slowly, to reduce the shock. As you release, try not to think about what's next or what anyone else has to say about it. Stubbornly re-enter "the void", where you can safely change clothes and relieve yourself of duty. Let the universe aid you in re-designing/constructing your fate.

Taurus of the Week: Keith Haring

Your fragile spirit is in need of a cleanse. Seek the appropriate shelter this week, a place where you can gather your bearings without further harm. Your delicate wings need repair on land so that you may soar once more to the heights. There are guides in your midst with the ability to mend what is broken and recover what has been lost. Follow and trust their lead in order to retrieve your whole self.

Gemini of the Week: Richard Scarry

What luck that Charlie makes it to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory! It is only through the integrity of this little boy that Willy discovers what is missing in his life. Without blinking, Charlie turns down Mr. Wonka's offer to take over his business, responding that nothing is worth leaving his family behind. I had a vision of your own integrity this week crabs. I saw your spirit awaken to secure its happiness. I felt your tenacious heart cling tightly to its dream...

Cancer of the Week: Orville Redenbacher

Hey Lions. You do a lot for your community. The astral currents suggest a gift in return, specifically: a supportive but challenging friendship, an energetic dance partner who can keep up with you, who sees you for who you are and who you ain't, an athletic counterpart whose skill enhances your own. Welcome a playmate with a power distinct from but equal to yourself for the purpose of growth and good times.

Leo of the Week: Vivian Vance

Your own exhaustion begs that you remove certain chains from around your neck. Ruthlessness is only practical at this time. Maintain the resource of your energy and your vision with a simple "no." This response secures your individual freedom and provides the simplest path to spiritual asylum-both of which you are desperate for.

Virgo of the Week: Raquel Welch

Play dead this week. Not only are you in need of the self reflection, but it's also the only way you can figure out your next move(s). This week a passive approach is necessary in some areas while action is required in others. It's up to you to determine the difference and act accordingly. Utilize your street wisdom to shatter all illusion. The truth is the only protection you will need, smart-ass.

Libra of the Week: Buster Keaton

I never said the shedding of your skin would be easy. That would be impossible since in order to fully transform you must fully swallow all poison. Before the light is the darkest hour. You should know the drill by now, scorpion-that to rise you must first fall all the way to the bottom. Therefore have no fear if you are trembling from the pain. Your acceptance of these feelings are the only true way beyond them. It's also the sole way of remembering you have all the love you need to heal your own wounds.

Scorpio of the Week: "Meet the press"

"First there were women and children obeying the moon." Jim Morrison, a fellow archer, reminds us. Listen closely now, sag, in order to enhance your marksmanship. The key to your ideal present lies in remembering what you have learned. The dream laying hidden in the night underlies the order of the day. The greater your connection to the origin of things, the more likely the future you envision.

Sagitarius of the Week: Elvis Ramone

In the documentary about Bob Dylan, entitled "No direction Home", the singer's friends and peers describe his ability to speak the hearts of many who could not do it on their own. He was tapped in, they say, to the voice of the collective unconscious. It reminds me of you goats. Your sharp listening skills and compassionate heart indeed grant you access to the history of the world, as it was, is, and will be. Tell us the story then. I predict that doing so will begin a proper healing for all.

Capricorn of the Week: R Kelly

Use your eagle eye, water bearer. Maintain your distance so you can see things clearly. To end the patterns of the past, a full examination is first required. To open new doors, recognize that the challenges are blessings in disguise, symbols of knowledge only, the key to resuming power over your destiny.

Aquarius of the Week: Carmen Miranda

Continue to build your own dreams, fishes. Your own happiness is all the world needs outta you. Place total faith in your own ability. Maintain solid hope in the face of your own great wishes. As your season nears, you will be called upon to dance freely and without hesitation.

Pisces of the Week: Kelsey Grammar