Week of February 7, 2008

To dive best, remain flexible. Roll with the punches as best you can. That way you'll land on your feet, able to continue moving, infinitely prepared for what is next. In review: open up, take a leap, keep moving. Stay alert and poised for the moment. You'll soon arrive to what ripe new ground you sense is somewhere near.

Aries of the Week: Martin Short

It's only love.... You hear what I'm sayin, bulls? What do you have to lose? Let your heart explore it's wildest nature! Do whatever you must to secure your happiness. I suspect it requires putting your foot down, in the simplest but boldest way possible.

Taurus of the Week: the transcontinental railroad

Experiment with true freedom this week. When, exactly do you feel the most empowered by life? When's the last time your flight was continual? When were you last found cruising, uninterrupted? I recommend your investigation. Momentum increases with each discovery...

Gemini of the Week: Graceland

Let's roll around in the dirt a little crabs! This gets you moon- kids back in touch with the earth! I imagine you: on your knees, smearing mud across your face, rubbing it into your head, caked atop your body. You're feeling safe, powerful, protected by the dark enough to make a move in it. From a distance you look like a moving chocolate cake, ready to be eaten whole.

Cancer of the Week: the Rosetta Stone

Spread your arms, your jaws, etc cats.. Stretch out like you normally do, this time to receive something particular. Though sparse, it's enough to cause the proper transformation. Somewhere in the scraps is the key that gets you back in a very certain door! Use your best night vision to hunt in the dark!

Leo of the Week: the first freemasons Lodge in the US

Give your emotions a break. Play this week virgins! Dance, skip, run, cartwheel! Eat ice cream sandwiches in bed and wear pigtails to the bar. Stick out your tongue at strangers. Stay up and watch re- runs of Three's Company. Have a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies in bed and skip work at least once this week. I predict such childish activity will restore your hard-working spirit.

Virgo of the Week: Amy Poehler

Wander inside scales. Your final observation is necessary right now before you begin something new. Breathe in the last of the old air before you explode in novel harmony. Gather your notes and wishes. Soon you're scheduled to offer them to the universe. Practice setting them free now so when the moment comes you are acutely prepared.

Libra of the Week: Louis Lumiere

Step outta your skin as often as possible this week scorpion. Dis- robe whenever you get the chance. Go naked. Notice how any time you do, it gets you to the other side of things. Allow your ego to disappear! Let what is raw emerge. Awake feeling more supported, uniquely connected, deeply serene...

Scorpio of the Week: "Rolling Stone"

Q: What did the one evil genius say to the other? A: Marry me. Run away with me. Be mine forever and EVER. Amen. Seriously, archers. It's that simple. Run with what super cool pack you belong. Get committed to what you like so you may see each other as often as possible.

Sagitarius of the Week: Ellen Burstyn

Usually, you do your "magic" without thinking. Typically you sow your seeds most naturally, rarely stopping to acknowledge the sacred work you do. This week, recognition is due. Accept the praise and the gratitude. It will bring you the necessary peace as well as motivation to proceed with your secret method of cultivating beauty.

Capricorn of the Week: Emily Watson

It's the time of year when we celebrate you! Naturally, your presence is being requested in several places. I think you should try to make an appearance when you can. Your spirit is currently swollen with potential. The acceptance of community will only nurture the possibilities.

Aquarius of the Week: Jackson Pollock

Imagine a "period" placed in all the appropriate places. Which subjects are closed to further discussion fish? I vote you silence all things trivial and superficial. It contradicts your poetic, spiritual style. Pull the chord on all frivolous topics so that you can re- engage in the areas that mean something to you. End shallow routine to begin a romantic revelation!

Pisces of the Week: Jon Bon Jovi