Week of February 1, 2008

You've got the floor, rams. Whadda you want to say? To flow best stay present. Don't look back and go no further than right now ok? What are your most current wishes, hopes, desires, complaints, inspirations, etc.? Please enlighten us.

Aries of the Week: Bette Davis

Hey bulls! You may let go now. To do so is pure bliss. Despite how strange the feeling as you release, it gets you to the other side of things, where thankfully there lies a much simpler pasture.

Taurus of the Week: Frank Capra

Hello twins! I can barely keep up with you these days! I suspect you are about to drop one of your beautiful bombs. I think this is the perfect time to blow us away, smooth and spontaneous. Just continue to deliver the information as you receive it, a shocking talent of yours.

Gemini of the Week: James Stewart

Life is filled with compromise. This week is particularly spotted with the need for them. I doubt that would be a problem for you crabs. Make the silent but deadly trade-quietly offer whatever is necessary to maintain partnership while persisting in your own objective (to make love of course).

Cancer of the Week: Emma Goldman

I'm seeing you everywhere this week, plastered all over the city. I personally love it when the lion persists in its roar. There's no denying the call of such wild. Before you know it, everyone is dancing, laughing, screaming, etc.. It's a blast in that jungle, a genuinely wild and thrilling arena.

Leo of the Week: Edward Norton

The hardest things to learn are also the less complex. That's especially true this week virgin. Yeah= prepare for one of the most shocking weeks of the year. Even YOUR meticulous design could not foretell the inspiring comedy that lies ahead. It's a riot.

Virgo of the Week: John Ritter

Partnership is a delicate art. To dissolve into another, a certain amount of resolution is likely required first from within, right? Especially considering the constant activity of the agile libra mind, it's probably necessary to come to mental terms with the concept, no? Then let's warm up! Do it with the grass you're rolling round on, with the book you're reading right now, with the song you are singing to yourself, with the air you breathe...

Libra of the Week: the first motion picture

Suicide's NOT the answer, even if the scorpion's claim to fame is in that area. Practice your best "whatever" this week. I predict this word will ease you through difficult moments as well as provide the fuel to move forward from them. Instead of reacting, just drift off every once and a while into outer space and get some refreshing headspace/dreaming time.

Scorpio of the Week: Sage Francis

YO archers! I see you're hangin out backstage, getting ready to go on. Before you do, get into your most playful suit. Dance around behind closed doors right through to the crowds. With such authentic timing, the spirit of adventure is immediately contagious.

Sagitarius of the Week: "the refrigerator" Perry

From an astral-economical stand-point, it looks like you can afford to be blown away right now. From a financial angle, it appears you can only profit from such a risky bargain. The chances are high, in other words, that you have what knowledge you need to place your bets.

Capricorn of the Week: Will Oldham

Let the opus begin! What's in your repotoire, water bearer? I wonder. That's ONE exciting aspect of this week. But there are plenty more that are just as satisfying in their discovery as well as their inspiration. Explore to the depths. It will lead you to wisdom's tallest glistening peak.

Aquarius of the Week: Jimmy Hoffa

Your angels are with you fish. Surrounding you are: warriors, scholars, clowns and priests, dogs and dragons, spiderpeople and fairy elves. They are your guides, teachers, protectors, informers, and motivation. Look to them for what you need.

Pisces of the Week: Ernie Isley