Week of January 24, 2008

Best not to fight with your heart right now. Let it speak it's wild tongue. Even if overly-demanding, it's outrageous requests are justified. It's hyper-audacious tone serves one purpose-to fullfill its emotional needs. The bolder the idea, the more attention you should wisely pay.

Aries of the Week: the canterbury tales

Give thanks and praise. Celebrate openly what you love and cherish. I predict that this is the secret to producing more of it. Allow gratitude to pour forth- for what is as well as what will be. An abundant harvest is secured in the process.

Taurus of the Week: Frankie Valli

Let your heart communicate directly to you, even if it causes an inner riptide. However laborious and disastrous it may be to heed its passionate call, it's equally as strengthening. Submit to your soul in order to resolve chaos. The end of it's struggle is also the beginning of it's bliss.

Gemini of the Week: El DeBarge

Soon you will realize exactly what you are missing. This may prove difficult, but it's also the first step towards retrieving it. Lost valuables may be recovered just as long as you can acknowledge their absence. Recognize what is empty so you may know exactly where to fill up.

Cancer of the Week: Tobey Maguire

The full moon in your sign this week was as much a symbol of your dream's full potential as it was a sign-post pointing in the direction of it. This cosmic billboard was complete with specific instructions regarding the attainment of your total desire. Deciphering it's code reveals what particular offer is required for further cultivation. "Invest through sharing", it reads. Such generosity brings your passions to earthly life.

Leo of the Week: Danny Glover

Remain as compassionate as you are light-hearted in both your silent prayer and your interaction. Imagine first the peace you wish to impart to others. Allow the possibilities to reveal themselves before you take action. Dream it all up first. Then begin your "march."

Virgo of the Week: Eliot Gould

Community has the potential to alter your fortune. The integration of your "opposite" is fundamental to resolving impeding fears and doubts. Unite with your inverse to end all out-dated cycles. Recognize yourself in EVERYthing. Kiss all enemies and remove limitation!

Libra of the Week: Marcello Mastroianni

Positive focus is required this week. The sharpness of your perception is currently essential to your vitality. Stand back if you need to and take your time, with precision as the priority. Be patient with as well as welcoming to all emotions. Let them pass; the cleanse restores your full vision.

Scorpio of the Week: Cheerleading

To see beyond your pain, you need only retreat. To maintain clarity, take distance. To notice what life is presenting, simply pause. Remain frozen with eyes and ears open. Your posture allows what is hidden to surface to the light.

Sagitarius of the Week: John McVie

Neither you nor anyone else is ever "fully protected." At times change is necessary in order to break through certain walls, despite the risk involved. So let the life (or death) force have its way with you. It's muscle power is only a threat in the face of your resistance. For optimal results, embrace foreign power. It heightens your own.

Capricorn of the Week: Simone deBeauvoir

As the sun moves into your sign, it's the perfect moment to add your ideas. There is just the right amount of momentum on both ends now to keep them flowing through the masses. Should you make an offer at this time, an eager and supportive response is most likely. That type of interaction is just the inspiration you need. Reveal your genius. It needs love to live on.

Aquarius of the Week: "Ulysses"

Let the tower fall upon you. An emotional "breakdown" is pure freedom at this point. Get swept away only to land on a new, less threatening shore. Instead this other home offers the support you need to open up. In this more vulnerable state, you are more likely to give as well as receive divine inspiration.

Pisces of the Week: MC Solaar