Week of January 16, 2008

Act from the most generous and innately loving place. That's how I predict you'll come across the time you wish to have. Be as wild as what you aim to attract. Be as close as possible to your desire. Embrace your emotions, free of fear. Adventurous romance is then yours to constantly dabble in.

Aries of the Week: Charlie Chaplin

Come out now bulls. You've been super quiet in there, working hard to gather energy and power. The time has come to shed light. The communication of your ideas leads to their future existence. Share the beauty. It's new life will follow.

Taurus of the Week: Thelma Houston

You are a natural born translator so it should be relatively simple for you to follow the signs that point in the direction of your long term emotional goals. Heed these symbols, free of suspicion. Accept their foreign tongue before you understand it. Close all eyes. FEEL your way inside of it.

Gemini of the Week: the radio

Remain committed to what you know. Dedicate yourself to the truth you deliver. Be student as well as teacher. Weave your own design while receiving new patterns. The world is your oyster this year and you are it's hidden treasure. Work together with the forces that feed you.

Cancer of the Week: Millenium Park

True partnership is like death in a way. But it's also necessary in order to give birth to your total strength, which then gives full life to power and status in your world. Shake hands for access to your ideal. Make peace to attain it's ecstatic heights.

Leo of the Week: the Maya Calendar

Imagine you are a tree. Remain this steady as you seek to integrate your tallest ideals. Maintain a humble but ruthless stance while you bring shape to your desire. Move with determination but focus towards re-birth. Let the heart's struggle rest in peace.

Virgo of the Week: CeCe Peniston

Place your faith in the unknown. Sacrifice your safety for experimentation. The bolder the choice, the more abundant your freedom to think and act. Your own genius awakens when you leap into new territory. Suck on the richness of the fruit there. It's light will provide growth as well as fuel.

Libra of the Week: the Whirlpool Galaxy

Take the proper time to plant your potent seed. Go slow enough that those around you may absorb it/use it to open the doooooors. Direct your mystery outwards. Even if temporarily disastrous, the effects of your truth ultimately increases magic. Remain loyal to this genuine expression, despite what it provokes. Use your own patient acceptance to unleash the spirit which is good for all.

Scorpio of the Week: Ba-ha-u-llah

Pursue your bliss. That's astral for INSTINCT, which are the boots you wear this week. Use these magic shoes to stay detached, allowing you the distance to enjoy every moment and the right to explore in peace. Gather the colors you need to cultivate a joyful harmony.

Sagitarius of the Week: Jennifer Connelly

To arrive in new places, rely on your imagination. Unplug from the world so that you may review your plans/rules: Protect what you love by bringing things under your clever control. Best to let your inner child do the driving. With all of it's cunning innocence, it can lead the way to your unconventional but specific playing grounds.

Capricorn of the Week: Don Quixote

Just take a step back- the farthest you can go. That way you'll see the WHOLE picture, distinguishing the obstacles and locating the areas of support. Decide where to mingle only once you've properly and thoroughly scanned the "area." Let this vision reveal your strongest allies, essential to your optimal work as well as play.

Aquarius of the Week: "The Importance of Being Earnest"

While everyone struggles, you have the secret antidote there in your magic cup. (duh) Stay right where you are fish. Hold on to your love. Remain hopeful with a hand outstretched. Hum happiness to yourself if you're the only one around. Eventually your peers will gravitate towards the shining offer, to admire as well as receive its blessing.

Pisces of the Week: "Swan Lake"