Week of January 9, 2008

Leave your tools behind. You won't be needing anything other than your own groove. Begin to dance now wonder-child. Live in and for the moment! That's all you can/should do, according to the astral patterns. Giddily skip towards your victory. Don't stop until the illusion of helplessness has been safely dispelled.

Aries of the Week: Perry Farrell

Wow. That's some potent fruit you're chewing on. Go slow, so as to digest all the knowledge this food contains. That's necessary before you can properly assume it's power. Once you start singing this tune, you'll have to stand in position/gather the space you need to project your electric peace.

Taurus of the Week: the Beach boys' "Pet Sounds"

Why must you "accomplish it" alone? You can still pursue your tallest dreams while accepting the support being offered. Your natural and genuine expression of gratitude is enough of an exchange to the universe, no doubt. Your presence alone is worthy of such gifts. So eat what you need in order to stay with us, bright one. Thank YOU!

Gemini of the Week: Jimmy Jamm

Some attachment is good. No attachment is, quite honestly, a little weird and rather un-natural. Let your love go forth so that you can fully get your groove on. Such fluidity is your birth-right, your key to happiness in this life. Protect it, guilt-free. Stay open, aware that it's the secret to your constant freedom. Dis- regard all other "rules."

Cancer of the Week: Mel Brooks

To keep up, you'll just have to keep on jumping. Leap and then hop some more. Continue that movement until you feel the slate has been fully cleared and that we have definitely reached new land. Acknowledge, then OBEY your instinct. Surrender your own will to the greater forces at work! They shall lead you only to your most pressing desire! (You have no idea how RELIEVED you will be...)

Leo of the Week: Thurston Moore

Be clear, OR say nothing at all. Do wild movements OR lay perfectly still. It's only important that you act on what you know. Don't wait for someone else to "respect your boundaries." Use your mental and emotional strength to maintain your position regarding the respect you deserve. Pay no attention to the reaction it provokes. Remain poised in your commitment. That's how your greatest wishes are not only communicated, but considered.

Virgo of the Week: Jeff Tweedy

It's true that you have access to all sorts of "magic potions" right now. Before you decide which you want to use, remember the simple karmic rule of magic. Whatever scent you give off will return to you, even more potent than before. So why not invest wisely? Put out only what you wish to receive.

Libra of the Week: Tiffany

The solution won't come easy this week, scorp. But does it ever? Not usually, as far as I can remember. However I've also noticed that the more flexible of mind and spirit you remain, the easier the road magically becomes. Once you open yourself in this certain way, it seems like you're able to manifest ANYTHING. pssst. A child-like stance of learning is recommended previous to all decision-making.

Scorpio of the Week: Sesame Street

What if you were a Dagittarius, or a Gagitarrius, or a Smagittarius. It doesn't matter, darling! You'd still cause and pursue the same amount of fun! You'd still be the one to become easily un-glued from what looks like sticky premises, or who miraculously learns the way out of tight corners at record speed. Remember that archers: Your strengths are intact, in fact sharper and more prepared than ever.

Sagitarius of the Week: Jonathan Swift

The key right now is staying open, even to potentially painful energy. I predict that the stronger the stuff goin in, the lighter it feels goin out. So let it come on through. Likely it's just for the purpose of cleansing your spirit, which frees you from extra weight. Let the fiercest energy pass right through and you will feel like a million bucks....(eventually)

Capricorn of the Week: Zach de La Roca

Whoa! Is that YOU? I dig your hair and makeup, and your costume is slicker than ever. This may be your most refined form of expression yet. I like that it changes right before our eyes, shape shifting from all molds, defying any concept of "label". Such spiritual communication is as important as it is inspiring, as exciting for the audience as it is for the performer. Bravo, encore.

Aquarius of the Week: Maceo Parker

Admit what you are after. That's the FIRST step to getting it. To remain as balanced as possible regarding those needs, you'll just have to be as playful as you are serious, as enthusiastic as you are relaxed. Somewhere in between lies your perfect balance. Practice keeping what you like and sparing the rest-for a happy and healthy 2008.

Pisces of the Week: Jerry Greenfield of ben n jerry's ice cream