Week of January 3, 2008

Everything's aligned. Your dream is ripe for the taking. Sing goodbye while you whistle hello. A new reality awaits. Take time to acknowledge all the work that went into making that happen. Rest and say thanks. Then celebrate as you cross the border into a refreshing, life-giving frontier. Behold the magical design of the moment you leap into the wild unknown.

Aries of the Week: Webster's Dictionary

You'll have to hold on WHILE letting go. In a bulls fashion, charge ahead at the red flag being raised in the distance. Then when you get there, drop your force and make sweet and playful love to your desire. Be as gentle in your landing as you are fierce in your movement towards it. That way you can also keep what you want.

Taurus of the Week: the eruption of Mount St. Helens

Bless all who cross your path this week. As you come into contact with human life, admire the pattern. I predict that the more you participate in quiet observation of the world around you this week, the more prepared you will be for your very soon, very certain, future romance with it.

Gemini of the Week: Vic Damone

Hello crabbies. I find you in the oddest places sometimes. Actually it's not that strange. You're always positioned in a spot where you can hear the heart most clearly. So look out! That rhythm is about to experience new birth. This beat box is soon to release some powerful inspiration. Keep listening, anticipating a dreamstorm of many colors and flavors.

Cancer of the Week: Carly Simon

Wow. Does your team need you now? More than ever. Show the gang where all the fun is to be had. Point in the direction of good vibes. Confidently confirm where the hidden treasures are hidden. Spread your arms wide to accept such rewards. Eat the fruit from the tree you choose in a naked fashion. Reveal where your loyalty truly lies, loud and proud.

Leo of the Week: Richie Ramone

Be open to the outcome. That's the best you can do for yourself as the new year begins. You deserve the joy of doing your job, free of expectation. That way you can revel in your work, be inspired by the process alone, freed from the pressure of the result. This method may provide a simple answer to certain questions which seem overly complex: Weave the moment, without planning ahead. Follow the natural twists and turns...

Virgo of the Week: Joel Schumacher

You're getting hotter, scales. What should you do to prepare? Just say yes! Once you do, a powerful healing energy will take you over, confirming the rightness of your decision. Keep on moving towards the ideas that inspire you. Nod your head in an AMEN as you drink of this powerful stuff. Swallow it down, then pass it along, in a back and forth motion of rocking.

Libra of the Week: Black Thought

Start by philosophizing that you have manifested all that is before you. Does this help you to resume your power? With "forgiveness" as the main tool? I challenge you to re-define the concept, a term commonly used in organized religion as well as the occult. If labor is the result of your own love, then justice is natural, yes? Therefore your decisions can be freed from the weight of passing judgment? Support your own instinct, scorp. It's an alternative form of mercy.

Scorpio of the Week: Frida

Stay tuned, archer! The universe isn't about to leave you hanging. The next revelation is a powerful and soothing climax. The fun as well as the groovy relaxation has actually just begun. Your dreams are soon to become more available to you than ever before SAG. Keep your hands open to receive these gifts in the new year. Their harvest is certain.

Sagitarius of the Week: Twista

The only way to survive when life throws in something new is to take a gamble yourself. Risking your methods at this point is only a matter of removing certain chains, the extrication of which is long overdue. Crossing your own lines re-unites you to the whole, where there is a larger range of possibilities, increasing your chance at natural happiness.

Capricorn of the Week: the south pole

Yo! Freedom is found in relation! Surprise! your liberty is in direct proportion to your involvement! I predict that in the year ahead you water bearers will experience success by your own definition. Continue to entrust wisdom as your guide while remaining open to the live and unpredictable forces in order to yield a constant cycle of mystical being.

Aquarius of the Week: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Let's get this straight-you're no joke. You may be the dream incarnate, but you're real and you're serious. Take proud responsibility of yourself in the year ahead, fish. Shamelessly revere your passions. Honor your life's choices, respect their natural intuition. Be grateful for a joyful and unique life. Have faith in your evolution, to whichever shore it leads.

Pisces of the Week: Townes Van Zandt