Week of November 21, 2015

We emerge now from the depths of the sea, returning to the light of day an emotional voyage within. The Sagittarius greets us enthusiastically, prepared with the energy required to meet challenge, eager to learn and experience variety of thought and culture, with a warmth and confidence that allows us to trust with ease and to see the divine spark within all of creation. Besides the centaurs unique ability to maintain faith in the spirit, he is a master at transforming the world he loves with his own creative fires. He is a free thinker, and is therefore at liberty to pursue his own ideas,beholden to no dogma, based only on the purity of his vibrant instinct and lucid awareness.

"True knowledge must appear before all our ideas and opinions..it's nothing other than immediate, direct experience of the world in and of itself...herein lies freedom of mind.. Herein lies fearlessness as well."

Steve Hagen - via The practice of being aware, right now, every day Buddhism