August 21st, 2016

Among not only the most highly organized, down to earth, and humane signs of the Zodiac, the Virgo is also a brilliant designer, wise adviser, enduring leader, and genius innovator. Highly resourceful, and given the unique job of mentally traveling between the earth and the heavens, she's also a celestial messenger, bearing the sacred news that's necessary to spiritually thriving in the material world.

Take it all in stride in the harvest season. Remain practical in your dealings, moving through the tasks at hand, while learning about the richness of the moment. Of all her powerful lessons, the one that pervades all lies in our capacity to grasp the divine in the detail of duties and simplest of moments. Pay close attention now, for within the subtle whispers there is the key to unlock all doors, literal and meta.

"The lover wakes and whirls in a dancing joy, then kneels down in praise."
- Rumi