Week of August 22nd, 2015

After being purged and initiated by the lions wildfires, the virgin renews focus and sharpens our practical as well as ethereal senses. Earthbound but mentally derived, passion gives way to concise clarity. The Virgo is both consistent and swift, a rare and powerful combination, able to observe as well as refine. Her task is to redress, purify, and heal the seed of our intentions, an endless task requiring constant analysis, depth of awareness, accuracy and momentum. Working in direct conjunct with the messenger planet of mercury, she gathers daily what insights and dynamics she needs to assist in the evolution of creation. The faith and loyalty with which she performs her divine human duty are of an unparalleled devotion and impeccability. It is through her that we learn the value and necessity of dedicated service, the truth and magic of specific sacrifice and the skills of fastidious cultivation. As we take direct responsibility for our gifts we begin to maximize their potential. As we regard the sacredness and opportunity of each experience, we become builders to and stewards of the earth itself. What love and attention we offer now is returned in profound magnitude, not the least of which results in the souls unique progression.

"Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles"