Week of January 21, 2015

The clear light of brilliance floods our senses. The wisdom of the water bearer shines its wisdom down upon us like a multi faceted laser. The Aquarius reveals the truths which are embedded in our impermanent reality with precision and force, inspiring us to open our minds wider to our own intelligence and to look directly at the possibilities it suggests. . In our total awareness, we become able to master the materials around us.

Welcome to the season of the free thinker, here to reflect the pure genius of all being. Be refreshed as your perspective expands. Marvel at the endless dynamic of the universe. Swoon at the potential that is ever present upon liberating your soul. See with Flying eyes the constant motion of the universes. Look back at the world until it glows and grows. Discover the infinite rare beauty of your own soul, and that of creation itself.

"What can we say of an understanding, a freedom and rapture beyond words? The unconscious known consciously, the outer self unified with the forces of life, knowledge that is not knowledge at all but a constant ecstatic dance of being- they are all true and yet not true."

Rachel Pollack, 78 Degrees of Wisdom