Week of August 25, 2014

After a fiery battle with what obstacles stood most directly in our way, the strength and knowledge of the Virgo provides backbone. True to itself and possessing the grace and intelligence to farm the fruits of our purest wish, the virgin is a phenomenon among us. With an eye for detail, she meticulously builds, expressing love through service to earth. Ruled by mercury, messenger of the gods, she is privy to the infinite movement of the universe. This makes her a steadfast yet fluent companion. She represents at once , the integrity of solid ground mixed with a lightning speed intelligence, and is assigned the uniquely honorable task of solving problems, inventing solutions and cultivating medicines.

"A shamanic dreamer is a conscious dreamer who has developed the ability to enter the dreamworld at will to communicate with dream guides, to journey across time and space and into other orders of reality and brings back gifts of healing and insight for the benefit of others."

Conscious Dreaming, Robert Moss