Week of May 20th, 2015

The truth of the Gemini is truth itself. The universe is parallel, reflecting its own image on a continuous loop. The bond between energy is infinite and inseparable even in its duality and diversity. Now the season of the soulmate acts as a mirror, it's vision of connectedness revealing the musical patterns that move together to undulate in an unending symphony. The sounds, colors, and rhythms are varied - yet with the power to unite with a harmony so innate and impeccable as to transcend all illusion of separation. Open your eyes to witness, admire and partake in the original divine design of love and synchronicity. As This blissful mercurial opus unveils the endless dimensions, it also recognizes the precise way those spheres are eternally linked, elegantly aligned and irrefutably interdependent.

"There is a reality even prior to heaven and earth; indeed it has no form, much less a name."
- Nine Headed Dragon River Zen Journals

Peter Matthiessen