Week of April 20th, 2015

The season of Bull is anything but dull. In the final stage of the process of cultivation, life comes to bloom, situations reach a climax, with poignant release and subsequent growth and opportunity. All the love, thoughts, focus, commitment and desire we've been concocting charge together to produce a physical representation of combined energies. This is the stage of manifestation, where we take time to let the density of life emerge, to experience it's sensual, nourishing qualities and to glean a wealth of wisdom and understanding from its richness. With a herd of planets in retrograde , the moments will slow down even more than usual, providing extra time to reflect and learn from our choices, as we review the outcomes. Planets moving backwards gives the unique opportunity to re-consider or re-visit. Pay attention to your instinct, and don't be shy about getting intimate with the vibe. Revel in the tightness of the bonds which keep us connected to each other,nature, earth and our own bodies. Feel the intelligence, spirit and labor that goes into creating such a vast, colorful, intricate, logical Eco-system in which we are given the chance to be here, with each other, co- participating in an authentic, dynamic and bountiful kingdom of bliss.

"What is now prov'd was once only imagined."

William Blake